15 Things To Do Every Day To Stay Creative In 2015

Staying creative is a bit like an athlete keeping themselves in shape. If you stop training, like an athletes fitness level, your creativity will gradually slump back to square one. Maintaining your creativity takes work and requires a conscious effort. So I thought I would devise a list of 15 things you should do every day try and have a go at doing every day in 2015 to keep your creative juices flowing throughout the year ahead.

 1. Stop trying to please everyone
2. Write on non-lined paper
3. Check for new upcoming exhibitions and events (and arrange to go!) 
4. Walk a different route 
5. Join forces 
6. Drop everything and sketch right now
7. Stop trying to be a great artist
8. Make lots of mistakes
9. Take praise well
10. Take criticism well
11. Stop scrolling
12. Read the news
13. Watch a documentary about something you know nothing about
14. Go outside
15. Never stick with what you know


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  1. I love this post! I always write on lined paper but now that you have mentioned it my blank paper brainstorms and notes are always soo much more random and full of ideas, it's weird, maybe it's a psychological thing!

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