My Everyday Art Tools

My Everyday Essential Art Materials, Tools and Supplies

To me, it's so interesting to know what art tools other creatives use on a regular basis. What are their absolute staples and complete essentials? What could they not do a days work without? What do they carry around with them in their pencil case? Today I thought I'd share the tools that I'm constantly reaching for and that probably would be in my pencil case if they weren't sprawled all over my desk! I haven't included any wet materials here such as paints or inks, just the real basics that serve me very well.

Pens - As you can see I have quite the collection of pens and this is just what I tend to use day to day. 99% of the time I use an ink pen for both drawing and writing with and I have a couple of different thicknesses here. I really like the V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0.5 pen by Pilot because they last a really long time unlike many others that I have tried, and because you can find them in the usual stationary section, they don't come with the hefty art material price tag. I also like to keep a regular biro, a permanent marker pen and a black felt tip to hand.

Pencils - I like to use a slightly softer 2 or 3B pencil for general use, but it's always good to have just a basic HB school pencil on hand too.

Ruler - I personally much prefer using a metal ruler over a plastic one since it's safer when I'm using it with a craft knife, but my metal one is a metre in length so I couldn't fit it into the photograph!

Scotch Tape - Usually I'll use masking tape as I find it far more versatile and it's also much cheaper, but there's something nice about using Scotch tape when I have some around. I just love the surface quality of it!

Stanley & Craft Knife - I'm always using craft knives for all sorts of things, especially since I don't own a guillotine, I'll usually use a metal ruler and knife to get a really crisp, straight cut on something.

Eraser - This soft art eraser is really handy as it gets rid of pencil lines with minimal if any smudging or marks left on the paper. Don't be alarmed by the colour of it - I promise it works!

Scissors - Pretty self explanatory, scissors are scissors!

Highlighter - I couldn't tell you specifically what I use this for, but somehow I'm always reaching for one! Note-taking and sketchbooking I suppose? Anyway, it has a monster face on so who really cares?

Sharpener - As with the ruler, I much prefer the metal kind but I seem to have lost mine at the moment!

Glue Stick - Probably the only thing that I'm actually brand-loyal to. I find anything other than Pritt either dries up or only sticks things for about 24 hours!

So there it is! I usually have one or two small paint brushes which I regularly reach for too but they'd gone walkabouts when I was trying to take this photograph. If you're interested, I mainly use Winsor and Newton brushes (the red ones with the white tip). I find them to be the best compromise between quality and price.

What tools do you use on a regular basis and what could you not live without? Let me know below, it's always great to find out what a daily art kit looks like for different people!

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