Top Tips For A Medium Distance Romance

So, you're medium distance. You and your significant other don't live in the same city. You may have to travel a couple of hours to see each other, but there isn't seas and deserts between you. In some ways you feel lucky - it could be worse right? At least you're in the same country and all. But it's still difficult. There are times when you just want a cuddle and you know you have to wait, or times when you need someone to rant to and things just aren't the same over the phone or a pixilated phone screen.

Me and my boyfriend live 200 miles apart. We aim to see each other every other weekend but inevitably life gets in the way sometimes. It's definitely a sacrifice and can be hard work, but here are some of the things I have found make the whole thing just a little bit easier...

Book your trips to see each other in advance - but don't dwell! 

It's great to have something to look forward to, and you can often save a whole load of money by booking your travel in advance, but try not to dwell on the time you have to wait. Counting the days and crossing them off the calendar like some kind of prisoner really won't help and generally makes it feel like time is going at snails pace. Look forward to your visits, but also make time to enjoy life!

Surprise each other 

Whether it's something that requires a bit of planning such as a surprise visit, or just a little note in the post, surprising your other half is a great way to keep romance in your relationship.

Make time 

It may seem obvious, but when you live apart you need to make a conscious effort to make time to speak to each other. When you're in a relationship where you can see each other often or even every day, you can be in each others presence without necessarily talking, but just doing your own thing while around each other. No such luck for medium and long distance relationships! Make sure you schedule time to call, Facetime, Skype, whatever it is, just make sure it is a priority.

Don't keep things to yourself 

Clearly the biggest thing you miss out on when you live apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend is the physical touch and body language. When you are in the same room as your partner they can probably tell straight away if something is bothering you and vice versa. It's not so easy when you're hundreds of miles apart though, and you can't expect the other person to always know that you're worried, upset, unsure or angry. Talk to each other often and be honest about how you're feeling or you could end up resenting each other. Communication really is key!

One thing I will say about living apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend is that you get to appreciate the time you do have together so much more. There's no time to lay around indecisively, aimlessly suggesting things to do. Every single minute is appreciated and they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. There's no denying that there will be hard times but hopefully these tips will help you to go the distance (pun most definitely intended!).

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