My 2015 Highlights

As the year is rapidly drawing to a close, I thought I'd end 2015 with a roundup of all my favourite moments from the past 12 months. I realise I've been a bit absent blog wise for the past month, in honesty I have had a lot going on in my life, some good and some not so good. Anyway, looking back, life has changed at lightning speed for me this year and some pretty significant milestones have happened. The end of the year and the start of a new one is a wonderful time to reflect so here are my highlights of 2015.

1. Lets get the obvious out of the way first - I moved to London! At the start of the year it honestly felt like I was never going to make that all important decision over university. I'm indecisive at the best of times and this life changing choice was hanging over me until about May time. Eventually my mind was made up and in September I moved away from everything I know to begin my degree at Chelsea College of Arts.

2. On the same note, exploring London and settling in has been a big adjustment but I've already done so many great things since living in the Big Smoke and I plan to do many more in 2016. It is impossible to be bored in such a vibrant city and I am lucky to have met so many people from all over the world in the final few months of this year.

3. Ever since I went to Leeds Festival the summer after finishing high school, I've been hooked on music festivals - but this year I went for the big one! After bagging tickets last October, I headed to Glastonbury in June and had the absolute time of my life. 

4. Over the summer I was lucky enough to visit both Chicago and New York. I'd never been to either of these cities before so I packed in a whole lot of sight seeing, gallery visits and other touristy bits and bobs during my visits. Travelling will always make the highlights list because to me there is nothing better than visiting new places and experiencing new things.

5. In May my time at Manchester School of Art came to an end. I met some truly great friends and incredibly inspirational tutors in just one short year and it was sad to have to move on. The course ended on a big high though, I gained a distinction grade for my art foundation and was awarded best graphics exhibition at the private view evening

6. Having my work front the marketing campaign for Manchester Jazz Festival's 20th anniversary celebrations has to be not only a highlight of 2015 but a highlight of my creative career so far.

7. Since this is a highlights list it seems odd to put such a sad moment on here, but hear me out! In October we lost our family dog Tara at the old age of 13. We didn't see it coming at all and it came as a shock because she has always been such an outgoing and energetic dog. Fortunately this meant that we got to spend many happy times with her throughout the past year and I cherish every one of them even more now.

8. I've seen some great gigs this year from some of my all time favourite artists including Foo Fighters, Courteeners, Libertines, The Charlatans, Maccabees, Spector, Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr and what seems like so many more.

9. I have visited such a lot of great galleries and exhibitions this year, especially in America and since moving to London. My highlights have to be the Museum of Modern Art, Art Institute of Chicago, the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A and Cornelia Parker's Magna Carta embroidery.

10. I would consider this blog to be one of my greatest achievements this year. I blogged on and off towards the end of 2014 but in January I made the pledge to get past whatever worries were holding me back and just do it! I am so pleased with how far I have come and I have loved every minute of building this little space for myself. There is still so much that I want to do with my blog but I am so happy that I pushed myself to give it a go!

What have been the highlights of your 2015? I'd love to hear about them!


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