April As Told By Instagram

Do you ever get those times where you're just feeling your own Instagram? Like you have a good run of photos and you think to yourself "damn girl, I would follow me!". No? Is that just me? Maybe it's because I'm gradually edging closer to the 1000 follower mark, but I've been putting quite a bit of effort into my Instagram lately so I thought I'd tie that in with a little life update for April! Here's what I got up to last month...

  • Headed back to London for my final term of first year - where has that time gone?! 
  • Had a final hand in for one part of my course so naturally I treated myself with some summer clothes
  • My parents came to London for the weekend so we did lots of touristy things including going on the London eye
  • Got back into looking after myself at uni, cooking healthy meals and running around the city
  • Had some 'cheat' meals!
  • Enjoyed the first signs of properly nice weather 
  • Began doing my rounds of new spring exhibitions!

What did you get up to in April? 
I'd also love it if you checked out my Instagram and maybe even gave me a follow! - @WhatSophie_Said


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