My Top 5 Instagram Editing Apps

I've had Instagram for 2 years now, but over the past six months in particular, Instagram has become one of my favourite social media apps. For me it has turned from a simple photo sharing platform into something which I can express myself in a creative way. Like most people, when I first set up an account on Instagram, I would just snap a quick picture with my phone and use one of their filters/boarders and up it went. Now it's a whole different ball game! The people of Instagam have stepped it up. My boyfriend will vouch for me when I say posting a photo on Instagram has become a bit of a process for me, because the ritual drives him nuts! But what does he know huh? I'm not saying I have the best Instagram photos out there, and I'm far from having the most followers, but nevertheless, here are my top five apps that I use for editing pictures for Instagram.

1. Afterlight
This little app is my number one holy grail of Instagram editing. This is where most of the 'magic' happens so to speak. All of my recent-ish posts will have been edited using this app as I now use it for every single photo I post - that's how much I swear by it! It offers so many high quality features and stunning creative options. My favourite features include the light leaks you can overlay and the fact that filters can be layered over each other and the intensity of each filter can be adjusted. This app does cost but I never buy apps if they cost more than £2 and I think this was even less than that. 

2. Squaready
If you didn't know about Squareready, where on earth have you been? This is another app that I use on every single one of my Instagram posts. I use it to get the white boarders around my photos and this app makes it easy to get your photo central (or not, if you like). Its's free, it's easy to use and it does exactly what it says on the tin, what more can I say?

3. PhotoMirror
I tend to use this nifty little app if I have a photo that's just a bit bland and boring stood alone, even after filters. It's great for creating reflected images in all different directions and photo sizes. Another free app that does what it says on the tin and does it well.

4. Bokehful
I only use this app occasionally when I want to add a bit of something extra to a photo. Just to make it clear because I'll be honest, I didn't know this when I bought it, this is NOT an app where you overlay pre made bokeh onto your photos. You have to individually place the 'dots' or hearts or whatever shape it may be yourself. That being said, this is better in some ways. While more time consuming, you really can create some very beautiful results with this app.

5. Photo Editor- 
And finally, a bit of a failsafe! This little app has a few useful features that I just keep going back to that don't feature on my beloved Afterlight (at least as far as I know). It has some great tools for editing shots with people in such has redeye removal and blemish fix. I also often use the blemish tool to blot out personal information. The tool creates a blur to remove things such as addresses without having to scribble a big ugly black mark across your lovely photos. 

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