25 Blogs To Read On Your Extra Day

Happy extra leap year day! The 29th of February is pretty cool don't you think? The last time this date came around I was 16 and still in high school, 'planking' was an online phenomenon and according to some the world had mere months to live. It's a pretty nice feeling to think that we have an 'extra day' on our hands. So if you're looking for a great way to spend your bonus 24 hours, I thought I'd share the blogger love as we wave goodbye to the most romantic month of the year. I hope you find something new to read, here are 25 of my favourite blogs right now...

Current Library Loans #1

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I am pretty much a library fanatic. I think libraries are such an undervalued resource today and something we should all make more use of if we can. I'm very lucky to have access to no less than 6 libraries, and I'm constantly checking books in and out and discovering something new. Looking through my library borrowing history is like looking through an archive of my past thoughts and interests, what I was working on at the time and the things that were important to me at some stage. That's why I thought it'd be nice to set up a little series where I share what I currently have loaned out! Maybe you might see something that catches your interest to check out next time you visit your library/Amazon basket! Here's what has a temporary home on my bookshelf right now...

2 Lessons In 2 Decades

So today, I turn 20 years old! A month ago I probably would have begun this post by telling you that I don't feel ready not to be a teenager anymore, that 20 seems old and I need one more guilt free reckless year. But something my tutor said changed my perspective. He reminded me of the fact that I've only NOT been a child for about 4 years of my life. I look like an adult but I don't have the full experience, he on the other hand has spent the majority of his life in an adult mind and body. This got me thinking, I may have lived on this earth for 2 decades now (phrasing it like that is pretty scary don't you think?), but I'm only just beginning as an 'adult'. I'm now thinking of myself as a 4 year old adult rather than a 20 year old person, so instead of listing 20 things my short stint of life has taught me, I thought I'd narrow it down to just 2!

My First Experience With InDesign

My First Experience With InDesign

One of my blogging goals for this year is to share more of my own work. Originally I created this blog as a space to document my creative journey, and while the content that I write has evolved and broadened, my confidence in publishing what I do as a design student has declined. I think it comes with the territory of being a creative that we only want to share something if we feel as though it is our best. In reality though, it's not always about 'the thing', sometimes it's about getting to the thing, or the mistakes we made on our journey to the thing.

PCOS and Me

So this is a bit different, and easily the most personal post I have ever written. If you follow Nicole's blog Thrifty Vintage Fashion you may have seen last month that she launched a new project called Speak Up (if not, you can read what it's all about here). This week I am guest posting on her blog about my experience being diagnosed with PCOS (or polycystic ovary syndrome), which happened to me late last year.

2016 So Far As Told By Instagram

So January is over for another year - we survived! As we are now into February (and my birthday month!), I thought I'd do a little run down of how my year is going so far as told by the photos I've been sharing on Instagram.

The Good And Bad Of Moving To London

As you may know, last September I moved to London, so I've been living in the Big Smoke for about five months now - where on Earth has that time gone?! Moving away from everything and everyone I know has been the biggest change of my life and there's been a lot of settling in to do! I know there's a lot of people out there considering making the same move, be it for university, a job or just a change. Today I thought I'd discuss how I've found the move with a few pros and cons of upping sticks to England's big city.