2 Lessons In 2 Decades

So today, I turn 20 years old! A month ago I probably would have begun this post by telling you that I don't feel ready not to be a teenager anymore, that 20 seems old and I need one more guilt free reckless year. But something my tutor said changed my perspective. He reminded me of the fact that I've only NOT been a child for about 4 years of my life. I look like an adult but I don't have the full experience, he on the other hand has spent the majority of his life in an adult mind and body. This got me thinking, I may have lived on this earth for 2 decades now (phrasing it like that is pretty scary don't you think?), but I'm only just beginning as an 'adult'. I'm now thinking of myself as a 4 year old adult rather than a 20 year old person, so instead of listing 20 things my short stint of life has taught me, I thought I'd narrow it down to just 2!

1. Life Goes On

Great things happen. Not so great things happen. There are amazing times and rough times. Good friendships and bad friendships. But the one consistency of life is change. Things are changing all the time, good or bad situations don't last forever. This might sound a bit depressing depending on how you look at it, but if you embrace it it's really a wonderful thing.

2. Just Being Nice Will Get You Far

At their core, the vast majority of people are kind hearted. I feel like we undervalue the importance of just being nice. There's a saying that goes "being kind is more important than being right" and I couldn't agree with that more. Just smiling, being polite and taking a genuine interest in people will get you far further (both personally and 'professionally') than anything else.

That's it. I don't know whether these are the most important lessons or just the ones that stuck out first, but hey - I'm only a 4 year old adult after all! I'm hoping I have many more years to learn and experience this adulthood thing.

What lessons have you learnt along the way? 


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