25 Blogs To Read On Your Extra Day

Happy extra leap year day! The 29th of February is pretty cool don't you think? The last time this date came around I was 16 and still in high school, 'planking' was an online phenomenon and according to some the world had mere months to live. It's a pretty nice feeling to think that we have an 'extra day' on our hands. So if you're looking for a great way to spend your bonus 24 hours, I thought I'd share the blogger love as we wave goodbye to the most romantic month of the year. I hope you find something new to read, here are 25 of my favourite blogs right now...

Bethan Likes
Thirteen Thoughts
Just Little Things
Avec Danielle  
Frock Me I'm Famous
Annie Pancake 
From Roses
Graphique Fantastique
Hannah Gale
Jasmin Charlotte
A Girl, Obsessed
A Textile Perspective 
Colours and Carousels
Jasmine Talks Beauty
Lauren's Looks
Lazy Thoughts
Media Marmalade
Not Copper Armour
Oh So India Charlotte
The Private Life Of A Girl
Milk Bubble Tea
Ella Masters 

Which blogs are you loving reading at the moment? 
And how will you be spending your extra day of 2016?


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