My Everyday Art Tools

My Everyday Essential Art Materials, Tools and Supplies

To me, it's so interesting to know what art tools other creatives use on a regular basis. What are their absolute staples and complete essentials? What could they not do a days work without? What do they carry around with them in their pencil case? Today I thought I'd share the tools that I'm constantly reaching for and that probably would be in my pencil case if they weren't sprawled all over my desk! I haven't included any wet materials here such as paints or inks, just the real basics that serve me very well.

5 Things I'll Miss About Manchester

Things I'll Miss About Manchester: Dreams and Colour Schemes

Come this September, I will be upping sticks to London in pursuit of my new student life. Behind me I am leaving the city I grew up in and have lived in all of my life, Manchester. Although I am (incredibly!) bias, I truly believe that Manchester is the best city in the UK. I love this town to bits and not being here will be very strange for a while. Although I'm very excited to be moving to the Big Smoke and discovering all that it has to offer, there are certainly things that I will miss about my home city. Here are 5 things that I'll be sad to leave behind in a couple of months time...

Instagram Inspo: #NationalIceCreamDay

Apparently, back in in 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month and established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in the month of July. Hurray! If I were president of the USA, I'm pretty sure establishing a day dedicated to eating delicious ice cream would be top of my priority list too. This year, the celebration fell on Sunday 19th July, and social media went ice cream crazy! Here are my top Instagram picks that left me drooling over the weekend...

My Blogging Goals

Ta dah! You may have noticed that I've made some changes around here (i.e. a complete redesign!) and I'm so happy with the way Dreams and Colour Schemes now looks. I've been wanting to do this for a while and with it being summer I've actually had the time to sit down and get it done. The whole process of redesigning actually got me thinking about where I want this blog to go and what I want it to be. I blogged on and off in 2014 but had so many silly things holding me back, however I've now been consistently blogging here for 8 months and in that relatively short amount of time, I feel my goals have shifted in some ways. Initially, my main focus was to have this space as a means of documenting my work and creative journey. While that is still a part of what I want to do, my ideas for this blog have grown beyond just that one aspect. I've never actually sat down and thought about my blogging goals, so with my redesign complete, I think it's about time I solidify my aims.

My Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos Ever

Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform. As a creative person, there's just something about being able to scroll through reams and reams of exquisitely composed, perfectly lit photographs straight from my phone which gets me very excited. The beauty of Instagram is that it's almost a mini-blog post in itself. I have no qualms in saying that I try really hard to post Instagram content that I am proud of and that is a visual representation of me, my work and my life. Particularly in the last year, I've really gotten into upping my 'Instagram game', so I thought it'd be fun to take a look at what's been most popular so far. Here are my top 10 most liked Instagram photos of all time...

Exhibition Visit: Magna Carta (An Embroidery) by Cornelia Parker @ The British Library

When I first found out about this particular commission, I have to admit I yelped with excitement slightly. If there were a perfect storm in artwork form then this would be it for me. Take the fact that it's done by one of my favourite artists whom I have heard speak in person, as well as it being stitched, involves type and strikes a resemblance to my own final piece for my art foundation (by pure coincidence), and you've got me very excited.

Top 10 Tips For First Time Glastonbury Goers

So you've done it. It's taken blood, sweat, tears and probably every electronic device in your household, but you've managed to bag yourself tickets to the best festival on earth - congratulations! You're in for one hell of a weekend and a festival experience like no other. Inside those perimeter walls, Glastonbury is a whole new culture, so prepare for the party of a lifetime with my top ten tips for first time Glastonbury goers.