My Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Photos Ever

Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform. As a creative person, there's just something about being able to scroll through reams and reams of exquisitely composed, perfectly lit photographs straight from my phone which gets me very excited. The beauty of Instagram is that it's almost a mini-blog post in itself. I have no qualms in saying that I try really hard to post Instagram content that I am proud of and that is a visual representation of me, my work and my life. Particularly in the last year, I've really gotten into upping my 'Instagram game', so I thought it'd be fun to take a look at what's been most popular so far. Here are my top 10 most liked Instagram photos of all time...

1. Funnily enough, my most liked Instagram post ever is a very recent one, taken when I saw one of my favourite bands, The Courteeners, perform their biggest ever solo show at Heaton Park in Manchester last month. I'm still finding bits of confetti around now!

2. A selfie, with my natural hair.

3. Another selfie. It feels a bit vain explaining a selfie that got into my top ten so, I won't!

4. Another music related photo, this time from a while ago when I briefly moved away from the standard Instagram square. This was taken at Kasabian's 'Summer Solstice' homecoming gig in Leicester last June.

5. This post is from when I found out that my painting is going to be used to promote Manchester Jazz Festival's 20th anniversary celebrations, which you can read about here.

6. Another one from when I went all rectangle! A photo of the view from my dad's apartment in Chicago where he is currently living.

7. Number seven actually happens to be a video rather than a photo, so excuse the quality of the thumbnail! It shows me flicking through one of my final art foundation sketchbooks.

8. A sleeve design of the single That Kiss by The Courteeners.

9. A shot of some of my vinyl record collection.

10. A nice one to end with for summer and a regular appearance on my Instagram feed - ice cream!

So there ended up being quite a mish mash in that roundup! Since I have created this list including everything from the past 3 years of my Instagram account, some of the styles have changed significantly and don't work brilliantly when viewed together! While I now always use a square format with a thin white border, I have gone through several 'style changes' before settling on my current one. It's always fun to see which photos have gathered the most interest over time, I used Iconosquare to gather these stats if anybody is interested in trying it for themselves.

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Which photographs do you find attract the most attention on your Instagram? Does one particular theme or subject seem to gather more interest? Leave your Instagram handles below as I'm always on the hunt for new accounts to fill my feed and I'd love to check yours out!

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