University Room Tour

Two months ago I up sticks to London for my first year of university and my little room in the big city is starting to feel much more homely now. In fact, I often find myself getting told off by my mum for referring to London as "home" when I go back to visit (even though when I'm down here I always refer to Manchester as home)! Now that I'm settled in I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of how I've made my room in student halls my own.

In London, greenery is hardly a common sight so I've added two little cacti above my bed to remind me that plants do still exist! My lamp is from John Lewis, I had been wanting it for so long and having a new room to decorate finally gave me the excuse I needed to buy it. I really recommend getting a lamp because the lighting in student halls is often those awful garish white hospital bulbs, whereas a lamp is much more warm and homely. As with most student accommodation, I'm not allowed to stick anything up on my walls, so I have made a washing line with little mini pegs to display (mainly) postcards I buy from art exhibitions, which hangs from my pin board.  My bedding and towels are all white (against my mothers better judgement) because really - what goes nicely with those accents of yellow they have decided to incorporate?

Even though my room is typically tiny, I feel lucky to live in such modern accommodation and I love how cosy my room feels now I have it just how I want. Photographs and little personal touches make a room feel so much more inviting and I love coming back to my little space after a long day at uni.

See how I made the photo frame in the background here


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