My Favourite Art Books

As a design student, I own and have read more art books than I care to count. Since I attend the largest art university in Europe, which has the grand total of SIX libraries, I pretty much have access to any and every art and design book you could possibly think of. There's often something so special about an art book, sometimes they are so tactile and beautiful that they are almost artworks in themselves, which is possibly why I just can't get enough of them! Today I've compiled a list of my all time favourites.

  • Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon
  • 100 Habits Of Successful Graphic Designers - Joshua Berger and Sarah Dougher
  • Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far - Stefan Sagmeister
  • The Instagram Book - Steve Crist and Megan Shoemaker
  • Typography Sketchbooks - Steven Heller and Lita Talarico 
  • The 3D Type Book - FL@33
  • Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World's Great Graphic Designers - Steven Heller and Lita Talarico 
  • Hand Job: A Catalog of Type - Michael Perry

What are your favourite art books? As you can probably tell, most of mine centre around graphic design since that is my passion, but I love picking up a good book about pretty much any subject within art. I'd love to hear your suggestions as I'm always looking for something new!


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