Eight Photos Of Happiness

A while (way too long!) ago, I was tagged by the lovely Megan from Lazy Thoughts  to do the 'Eight Photos of Happiness' tag. As you may know, I moved away for university in September and since most of my photos (especially older ones) are stored on my desktop at home, I've only really just had the chance to go searching for 8 photos that bring back happy memories for me. But without further hold up, today I will be sharing a handful of pictures that make me smile, and the reasons why.

University Room Tour

Two months ago I up sticks to London for my first year of university and my little room in the big city is starting to feel much more homely now. In fact, I often find myself getting told off by my mum for referring to London as "home" when I go back to visit (even though when I'm down here I always refer to Manchester as home)! Now that I'm settled in I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of how I've made my room in student halls my own.

Top Tips For A Medium Distance Romance

So, you're medium distance. You and your significant other don't live in the same city. You may have to travel a couple of hours to see each other, but there isn't seas and deserts between you. In some ways you feel lucky - it could be worse right? At least you're in the same country and all. But it's still difficult. There are times when you just want a cuddle and you know you have to wait, or times when you need someone to rant to and things just aren't the same over the phone or a pixilated phone screen.

My Favourite Art Books

As a design student, I own and have read more art books than I care to count. Since I attend the largest art university in Europe, which has the grand total of SIX libraries, I pretty much have access to any and every art and design book you could possibly think of. There's often something so special about an art book, sometimes they are so tactile and beautiful that they are almost artworks in themselves, which is possibly why I just can't get enough of them! Today I've compiled a list of my all time favourites.