My First Experience With InDesign

My First Experience With InDesign

One of my blogging goals for this year is to share more of my own work. Originally I created this blog as a space to document my creative journey, and while the content that I write has evolved and broadened, my confidence in publishing what I do as a design student has declined. I think it comes with the territory of being a creative that we only want to share something if we feel as though it is our best. In reality though, it's not always about 'the thing', sometimes it's about getting to the thing, or the mistakes we made on our journey to the thing.

Today I'm sharing the above typographic poster that I produced on my first attempt at using Adobe InDesign. Beginning the process of learning a new program is always daunting, but everyone has to start somewhere right! I am relatively experienced with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom, so that helped me along a little bit since some of the tools work in a similar way.

The brief itself was to produce an A1, black and white, type only poster of a manifesto of our choice. I chose Dieter Rams '10 Principles of Good Design' as my manifesto, since it's enough words to work with but not too many to overwhelm me on my first ever attempt with the program. Overall I'm pretty happy with my outcome, I like my use of space and I received good feedback about the balance and composition. It was a simple layout to work with but as my experience with InDesign grows, I will gain the confidence to experiment with something more complex.

For my portfolio I styled and modelled the above photograph (design as fashion, who knew?), since it's always nice to show a piece of work how it was intended to be viewed. In this case, I designed it as and A1 poster so I want to showcase it as an A1 poster, not as a small bit of type on a screen with no sense of scale. Lets be real - you can make an average piece of work look 10 times better with a cracking photograph.

How do you find the confidence to share your work online? I'd love to know!


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  1. I too am tempted to only share the stuff I am happiest with, but find Instagram easier to share my work on than my blog. I love the styling of the poster, as well as the poster, I am trying to improve my photography styling!