Mini Review: Home Sweet Home, Manchester

This will be my first ever food review post so please excuse me if I don't know exactly how this type of blogging goes! This week I visited Home Sweet Home in Manchester's northern quarter with my friends to celebrate the end of our second term at art school. If you live in Manchester, you'll already know that the northern quarter is known for it's distinctive style, alternative culture and quirky cafes. I'd heard good things about Home Sweet Home before and even walked past it a few times, however it always seems to be packed at the weekend so I had never tried it. We visited on a Thursday afternoon and while still reasonably busy, we didn't have to wait to sit down. 

Since we didn't have any I can't comment on the hot food, but what can I say to even begin to describe their incredible cake offerings? The photo here hardly does these masterpieces justice. They were all so creative and unique, and not only do they look spectacular but they also taste amazing. One thing I am always wary about when it comes to over-the-top wacky cake decorations is that the cake itself is often dry and tasteless. I needn't worry though, the sponge was perfectly baked, soft and very very tasty. I had a gorgeous white chocolate sponge cake with mint flavoured buttercream topped with just about everything sweet and bad for you; it tasted exactly like mint choc-chip ice-cream! At £4.50 a slice it certainly isn't cheap, however if you're looking for the wow factor and a good old sit down in a cosy environment, it's so worth it. 

In terms of the service, unfortunately I can't say I was overly impressed. It was quite slow and our drinks order and bill both came wrong. However, both situations were rectified quickly so it didn't impact our lovely afternoon really. To sum up I think the clue is in the name here, such a homely little place to stop, relax and natter. After all, what more does one need to celebrate if not a cup of tea and a slice of glittery cake?

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