How To Survive Blue Monday

So tomorrow is 'Blue Monday', supposedly the most miserable day of the entire year. How uplifting! With the holidays out of the way and the consequent lack of cash, short daylight hours, cold weather and failed resolutions, it's not hard to see why the third Monday in January has built itself such a bad reputation. Here are a few ways to make the whole ordeal a bit more bearable...

Prepare today

'A Sunday well spent brings a week of content' and all that! Using the weekend to get yourself ready for Monday means you’ll be in with a fighting chance of fending off the Monday morning gloom. Make a to do list, organise yourself, get everything in order and stay one step ahead before the dreaded day even arrives

Be active 

Although it's the last thing most of us want to do when we're feeling down (myself included), everything they say about exercise and happiness is absolutely true. If you're feeling brave, getting outside for a jog will do wonders for your mood. If you really can't face the cold (and who can blame you?), I find online yoga classes are a great way to get in some light exercise without leaving the warmth of your own house - there are plenty of great ones on YouTube.

Plan something

Whether it be a summer holiday, a weekend away or just plans to see a friend in the week, planning something positive to look forward to is a sure fire way to bypass the Blue-Monday-blues. As a bonus, you'll be able to take advantage of deals available for early holiday bookings!

Revisit your resolutions 

Our intentions for the new year may already seem like a distant memory for some of us, but remember, it wouldn't be a goal for the entire year if it was easy to achieve! Now might be a good time to reevaluate your resolutions and maybe try and break them down into easier, more manageable steps to help you feel more in control. Remember there are still 50 weeks left in 2016, so it's very unlikely that you have failed already!

Forget all about Blue Monday

At the end of the day 'Blue Monday' is just another date on the calendar. For most of us the day will hopefully pass much like any other Monday, and it won't be too long until the first signs of spring begin to appear, so hold on tight!

How do you handle Monday mornings? 
Or maybe you actually enjoy the beginning of a band new week?


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