My 10 Favourite Instagram Accounts

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform. It's the one I use the most, the one I put most time into and honestly it's the one that I take way too seriously! I'm very guilty of considering how 'Instagramable' my day/meal/holiday is going to be and I drive my boyfriend nuts with trying to get that perfect little square to share. Today I'm going to share my favourite accounts that I follow, and the ones that I'm sure will be popping straight to the top of my feed when these changes everyone is freaking out about come into effect!


The London Underground network is this photographers playground. The symmetry of her feed is just stunning and it certainly makes me look a little differently when I'm rushing through the rat race!


I thoroughly believe for the sake of everyones metal wellbeing that following this account should be mandatory. Tato and Yam are the most adorable little bunnies and they make my heart melt every time they come up on my Instagram feed.


I love following fellow London bloggers on Instagram and Daisy's is one of my absolute favourites. If I had #InstaGoals then it would be this account. If you're into light, bright and airy themes then this is one for you!


With typography being one of my main interests within graphic design, this is my favourite account for type inspiration. I particularly love all of the handmade lettering this account shares.  


Does exactly what it says on the tin really - endless flatlays! This is an amazing account for composition inspiration as well as being a way to find other beautiful accounts through.

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Two words: Emoji. Cookies. Everything about this account makes me want to ditch the diet and spend all day making mouthwatering cakes and cookies. 

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From the blog 'Scraps of us', Caroline often shares beautiful compositions of the treasures she's collected while beach combing. Somehow she manages to make both lovely sea glass and bits of old plastic look like jewels and I'm always wishing that I could raid her collections.


Tim Hatton is a photographer who captures London (and other things!) in the most stunning style. His perspectives on architecture are often quirky and original, turning buildings into giant robots or machines.

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Steven is a Graphic Designer in Manchester, so basically life goals for me! Since I'm now living in London, I love seeing photographs of my home city pop up on my feed.

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I think Victorias handle pretty much sums it up - her Instagram feed is just so pretty! One to make you dream of that perfectly white blogger lifestyle.

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Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram?
And if you fancy checking out one more account, I'd love it if you visited me at @WhatSophie_Said


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