10 Destinations On My Travel Wish List

I have been very lucky over the past few years travel wise and have managed to tick off quite a few of the destinations on my wish list. I'm still able to tag along with my parents on some of their holidays which my bank account very much welcomes! For me, travel is one of the best things you can spend money on, far better than anything material. Memories will last much longer than anything you can hold in your hand and at the end of the day. I am planning to do a post soon about my favourite past holidays, but for now I wanted to write down the destinations that I'm dreaming about for the future!

Croatia - Me and my boyfriend were so close to booking a holiday to Croatia this year, but in the end we decided that all of the places we wanted to go were too far apart. Even though we've been together for over 3 years, this summer will be the first time we've been abroad alone so we wanted to keep it easy and stay in one place (we decided on Italy!). Croatia is therefore top of my list for the future!

California - Though I have been to quite a few places in America, California is a state which I'm yet to venture into. One of my close friends from high school now lives in San Diego so I'd love to visit her there. San Fransisco and Los Angeles are also on my Cali wish list!

Bora Bora - If you were to go on my Pinterest board for travel, you'd probably notice a fair few pictures of Bora Bora on there. It's a typical white sand and crystal clear sea job - need I say more!

Costa Rica - Another exotic choice, I've been fascinated by Costa Rica for many years and really hope that I get to visit there one day. You might not know, but I'm actaully a trained scuba diver so any destination that offers beautiful reefs is a winner for me!

Hawaii - A friend of mine recently went to Hawaii and I was so damn jealous scrolling through his Instagram that I now have to see these islands for myself. I'm just imagining myself seeing an active volcano in the morning and sipping a cocktail out of a coconut on the beach in the afternoon!

Greece - Something slightly closer to home on my list is Greece - more specifically, the Greek islands. Santorini is my top choice but there are so many beautiful looking places, dreamy swimming pools and crystal blue waters that I'd love to do a little 'island hopping' trip one day.

Iceland - Another holiday consideration of my boyfriend and I, but sadly not in our price range just yet! There's so many beautiful things in Iceland I'd love to visit - the Blue Lagoon (of course), the Golden Circle and maybe even the chance to see the Northern Lights.

Australia - I think there's always going to be a fascination with a country that's on a completely different side of the planet to your own. With a full 24 hour journey time from the UK to Oz, it's certainly one heck of a way to go and will be a big trip to plan - but who doesn't want to say they've been around the globe?

What destinations are on your travel wish list?!


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