My #The100DayProject Picks

My #The100DayProject Picks

For those brave enough to take on #The100DayProject, a third of the challenge is now complete! We're quickly closing in on day 40 and so today I thought I would share the projects that I'm really enjoying following. If you don't know what the 100 day project is, it's basically a creative challenge where an action is repeated every day for 100 days, with the results being shared on Instagram. I really admire everybody I'm about to mention, along with anyone that's keeping up with this demanding challenge!


This is Natasha's second year participating in the project after successfully competing her beautiful #100DaysOfTriangles in 2015. This year, she's gone for the theme of #100DaysOfGraphique, which is generating some lovely results which will be totally up your street if you're into design.


Who doesn't love a flatlay right? Hannah is spoiling us with one for each day of the project and they're often craft and art themed which is even better!

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I have been completely blown away by Rachel's project so far. At first glance, her flowers look totally real but in fact, they are all hand crafted from paper!


As a self confessed ampersand enthusiast myself, I have a keen interest in Danielle's project. I'm loving seeing one pop up on my feed in different forms each day.

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Laura has been sharing beautiful shots from around London's transport network. The shots are totally my thing and it's fun when something pops up which I recognise!


I am completely in love with Erin's theme for the project, which is all about pairs! It makes for some really lovely shots, especially when viewed together on her profile.

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For me, Fin's project is what the 100 day project is all about. Sharing something without worry of it being finished, or big, or grand. It's about repeating an action and sharing it, with charming results in this project's case!

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We all like being a little nosy don't we? Sarah's project give's us a peep into her life as a textile designer each day and I am loving following along. 


Finally we have June! June is a very talented illustrator who is sharing gorgeous illustrations of dance from around the world. She recently ran a giveaway through her blog and I was lucky enough to win, which means I am now the proud owner of a print of the illustration below! I also got my hands on a festival pass for the recent graphics and illustration exhibition 'Pick Me Up' in London. She was also kind enough to send me some other goodies which you can see in the photo at the top of this post. To see more examples of her lovely work, head over to her website -

Which 100 day projects are you enjoying following? 
Could you ever take on this challenge?


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