5 Things To Do Alone In NYC

There's no doubt about it, New York is an amazing place to explore with friends and family. I mean, doesn't everybody dream of having their Carry Bradshaw moment, swanning around the streets on Manhattan, hand in hand with their girlfriends? But New York is just as great when explored solo. Having moved to London and then New York City, I've gained some experience (and a soft spot) for getting to know a city companionless! And though of course I've met some wonderful people along the way who I have shared some amazing experiences with, I still enjoy taking the time to enjoy my own company in the city. So here are my favourite things to do alone in NYC...

1. Central Park

Ok - it's obvious, I'll give you that. But there's no excuse for me not putting this at the top of my list because it's my absolute favourite thing to do when I have a spare hour or two to myself.  I'm not alone either - Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States. With a whopping 843 acres of land to discover, I always find something new and beautiful with each visit.

2. Visit a museum

So I've got a bit of a confession - I really really dislike going around art galleries with other people. I just much prefer the freedom of browsing alone and skipping past things that don't interest me. There's so many different museums and galleries in NYC so find something that interests you and take a few hours to yourself to explore. 

3. Explore a flea market

Flea markets are amazing to look around, if only to be in awe of the things that people will part with actual money for. Don't get me wrong, many hidden gems hide in the array of flea markets that call NYC home, but they hide between plastic dolls sans clothing and junk mail from the 1980s! Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea Flea Markets are a good place to start.

4. Choose a neighbourhood you've never been to and explore it 

This is my go to pass time if I have a whole day to myself. New York City is comprised of the five boroughs and there are hundreds of different neighbourhoods within these, all with unique characteristics. So take the subway somewhere new and soak up the feel of the area, find some hidden gems and take some photographs. My personal favourites are Soho in Manhattan and DUMBO in Brooklyn.

5. Visit the Highline

Grab lunch from nearby Chelsea Market and find a nice spot on the disused railway line turned elevated park, the High Line. Granted, this can get very crowded at the weekend but if you hit it at the right time, it's the perfect place to relax and people watch an afternoon away.

What are your favourite things to do solo in a city?


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