2016 Highlights

Happy New Year everybody! So I think we all know that 2016 wasn't peoples favourite year, and probably with good reason. But all that negativity aside, it's always nice to look back on the positives from the year just gone by. On a personal level, 2016 was actually a brilliant year for me, potentially the best of my life. As some of you might know, I spent the last 4 months of the year living and studying in New York City which was obviously an incredible experience. But I was also lucky enough to travel to some other beautiful places, meet some wonderful people along the way, plus we welcomed a new puppy into the family! Here are some of my highlights from 2016...

1) We got a new family member, Isla, our Hungarian Vizla puppy

2) I went to Cheslea Flower Show with my Mum and Nana

3) Went on a trip to Italy with my boyfriend where we visited the beautiful Lake Garda, Verona, Venice and Milan

4) Visited Las Vegas for the first time

5) Went on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

6) Climbed Mount Snowdon

7) Spent 4 months living and studying in Manhattan

8) Heard Michael Bierut (a graphic design idol of mine) speak at my university

9) Worked at New York Fashion Week

10) Took a couple of trips to upstate New York and climbed a mountain there

What are your favourite memories from 2016?

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