My 2017 Reading List

Ah, reading. I have such a complicated relationship with you. On the one hand, I love books, I see tremendous value in reading, I love book shops and I always have a never ending list of titles on my to-read list. On the other hand, I am quite possibly the slowest reader of all time, which makes it very difficult for me to make a dent in even the smallest portion of my list. You may have seen in my 2017 resolutions post that one of my goals for the coming year is to start waking up much earlier, which got me thinking about how I might spend my extra hours in the day. Reading was one of the first things that sprung to my mind. I always seem to have some sort of reading goal on my resolutions list which normally goes something like "read X amount of books this year". And I fail every. single. time. This year, I'm scrapping the number and just focusing on making more time to read. On my 2017 reading list I have quite a range, from design, to health and nutrition, to beauty, fashion and more...

Designing Your Life: Build a Life that Works for You 
Bill Burnett & Dave Evans 
Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion 
Sali Hughes 

Grid Systems In Graphic Design
Josef Mülller-Brockmann

Capture Your Style
Aimee Song & Diane von Furstenberg 

Work for Money, Design for Love
David Airey 
A Smile In The Mind: Witty Thinking In Graphic Design
Beryl McAlhoneDavid StuartGreg Quinton & Nick Asbury 

Sophia Amoruso

In The Company Of Women
Grace Bonney

The Cheese Monkeys 
Chip Kidd

Pure, White And Deadly: How Sugar Is Killing Us And What We Can Do To Stop It
John Yudkin

The Case Against Sugar
Gary Taubes
What's on your reading list for the year ahead?


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