Top 10 Must See Pieces @ The Museum of Modern Art

When my trip to New York was finalised, The Museum of Modern Art was my number one 'must do' activity. Widely regarded as the most influential modern art gallery in the world, it's been on my gallery bucket list for a very long time and so I was more than a little bit excited to finally get the opportunity to go! Even though I was on a whirlwind 3 night stay in The Big Apple, I spent the majority of a whole day marvelling at the museums impressive collection. For those who are limited to a more speedy visit however (or for anyone that simply wants to know what to look out for!), I've put together a list of 10 works that are not to be missed in my opinion. Many of these pieces are not only incredibly monumental in the art world, but also highly well known amongst tourists, so I recommend getting to the gallery at opening time and heading straight to your 'must sees' before they are overrun with crowds. These are the 10 I headed straight for...

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon - Pablo Picasso
The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh
Dance - Matisse 
Water Lilies - Claude Monet
Man With A Guitar - Georges Braque
Broadway Boogie Woogie - Piet Mondrian 
The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali 
Campbell's Soup Cans - Andy Warhol 
Flag - Jasper Johns 
The Sleeping Gypsy - Henri Rousseau

Phew! That was difficult. I've had to be pretty cut-throat to whittle it down to just these 10, but these would be the pieces that I personally wouldn't want to miss out on. There's so much more to the gallery than just these famous names though, including a very interesting design section which I would highly recommend. MoMA's collection includes a broad range of art from paintings, sculpture, printmaking and drawing, to photography, architecture, design, film and performance art, so art lover or not, there's bound to be something to catch your interest. I even caught my art-novice Dad in deep concentration - playing a game of Pac-Man on the third floor!

I was incredibly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of famous work on display from around the world. Even though I had done my research beforehand on what I wanted to see, there were still a few surprises along the way. If you're planning a trip to the gallery in the future, hopefully this has given you a few pointers on what to expect. Just one final tip if you do make a visit - wear your comfy shoes!

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