My Summer Travel Journal

You may have read some of my previous posts about what I got up to over summer and today I thought I'd tell the story in a slightly more creative post - since that's what this blog is meant to be all about! I recorded my summer travels in a journal this year, keeping everything from tickets, receipts, maps, postcards, papers and basically anything that would lay flat and record what I got up to, food I ate and places I visited. Anything that holds a memory of a trip goes in my travel journal.

In terms of my process, I love to 'journal-as-I-go'. I find it much easier to record the memory if it's fresh in the mind, plus it doesn't give me the time to overthink and worry about the aesthetic too much. When I'm back at home I might add photographs but most of it is done along the way. I usually only take some scissors, a glue stick, scotch tape, pen and a date stamp with me, anything that requires something more I'll leave a gap for and do it at home. I try not to recount my days in a sort of "we woke up and did X and then we did X and had X for lunch", I like to write short notes of the things that really made the day special or different - what will I really want to remember years down the line? Journalling is so personal though, it's a cliché but as with anything creative, there really is no right or wrong way to do it.

I hope you enjoy looking through these pages and maybe getting some inspiration for your own journal. I love having these books as a reminder of the places I've seen and the holidays I've enjoyed. It's a lovely way to keep the souvenirs you collect without just stuffing them into a draw never to be looked at again. In years to come, a travel journal will mean so much more to you than hundreds of photographs on a hard drive ever will, I promise! 

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