33 Things I Want To Do While Living In New York

It feels strange to think that exactly this time last year, I was writing this very same post about moving to London. I wanted to make a sort of 'bucket list' before moving to the Big Smoke, so that I always had something to do and so that I remembered all the great things I had been looking forward to. The list served me very well in my first year living in London, so I thought I'd write a new one for my four months living in the Big Apple! You might notice that a few of the 'big ones' such as the Empire State aren't on my list - that's because I did many of them on my first visit to New York City last summer. That's not to say that I won't be doing them again this time, but I thought I'd save my list mostly for new adventures! So with less than a week to go before I fly away from England, here's what's going to keep me busy until Christmas...

  1. Go the the Museum of Modern Art 
  2. Visit Carrie Bradshaw's 'apartment' and take a photo
  3. Figure out the Subway
  4. Visit Central Park Zoo
  5. Go to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum 
  6. Eat a Cronut 
  7. Figure out how to add on TAX
  8. Go to the Halloween Dog Parade 
  9. See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree 
  10. Run in Central Park
  11. Explore Soho
  12. Explore Greenwich Village 
  13. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge in the day time...
  14. ... and at night
  15. Visit New York Public Library 
  16. Visit Chelsea Market 
  17. Get a slice of Joe's Pizza 
  18. Enjoy the sun at Rockaway Beach
  19. Go to the Coney Island funfair 
  20. Eat a New York bagel 
  21. Go to all five boroughs 
  22. Watch the NYC marathon 
  23. Send a postcard home
  24. Take the free ferry to Staten Island 
  25. Visit in Guggenheim 
  26. Visit the John Lennon memorial in Central Park
  27. Go the the Village Halloween Parade 
  28. See the first snow fall
  29. View the Tribute In Light 
  30. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  31. Catch Pokemon in Times Square 
  32. Walk on The High Line 
  33. Find the best doughnuts in NYC
Is there something missing from my list?
Please let me know and I will add it on!


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